A Letter From The 20th Century

by Poirot

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13 previously unreleased songs I wrote in the last decade of the past century and started recording in December 2015. Keep the faith!


released March 11, 2016

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: Obsessed
Let me carry you away, I'll be your night and day, I'll be your sun
I can take the pressure, I can stand the weight, I hope you understand
We will fly above some places Space itself has long ago erased
I've never joked about anything, I'll be your God, I'm sure you'll be amazed

And if you find me rather boring
I will cut your head in two
Just to make sure I'll be double bore for you
And if you're clever and reject me
By no means you're smarter than me
I'll be back soon just to have your blood for tea

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who's the weirdest of them all?
Ride on, you will not regret, we are no fools, believe me, we won't fall
Don't be scared, I am not armed yet I am loaded wiv loads of neat ideas
We're takin' off, suck it all in, don't hold your breath, you never liked it here
Track Name: My Umbrella
Let me hold
Weather's cold
Keeps me warm
Just need to get

And rain keeps pouring down
We've got to find some common ground
But water takes you away from me

Black and white
Squeeze me tight
Soakin' wet
My favorite pet

Someone stole my umbrella
Yeah, the one that you'd bought for me
Track Name: Kelly
No sun today
No yellow butterfly
He's gone away
My senses slowly die
Secret revealed
About sweet Kelly boy
Though heads are healed
These things can really annoy

How come I hurt you?
I'd never screw with virtue
Alright, I heard you
Go if you have to go
But please remember
Those flowers of December
Was I a member?
I guess but...now nothing more's left to say

No sun today
No need to wait for rain
He's gone away
And me on Lovers' lane
Left all alone
But I may leave this town
For Kelly's zone
So does this make me a clown?
Track Name: Monica
I first saw you dressed in white
And I loved the way you'd fight
All the other stupid girls
Who thought they were better
You kept screaming on my screen
And they called you the new queen
But my thoughts for you are wet
And they'll soon turn wetter

In your teens and a fast improver
Female neighbour
For charm's sake, you've just got to prove
You're Monica

They were pleased to have you, alright
They sure asked you for the night
And they promise you the world
Through some fresh commercial
You don't really have to think
You employed them for this thing
All you do now's try skirts on
But you still are special

What I really want to do
Is retire to a zoo
And get me a huge tattoo
With your first name flashing
Track Name: Still Smoking
She used to
Just follow
My late walks
In wild forests

She used to
Hide behind
The bushes
Oh, what a child!

One of us
Was naked when we met

You never learnt your lesson
You study recklessly again

She would draw
Big circles
And she'd paint
All lines purple

She'd come home
But leave soon
She'd never
Explain the reasons

Where's your embarrassment?
It should be obvious so far
How can you be busy talking?

Couldn't feel cosier
When I thought this is a start
Sixteen months on and you're still smoking

I'm drowning
This fireplace
Is burning
A living nightmare

I'm screaming
Can hear me
Trapped voice, betray me!

One of us
Is neither me or you

Where's the embarrassment
I should be sensing so far?
Track Name: Sugarbeat Gary
Tell me where all the cars run to
Why's everybody in a hurry?
What's there for them? What will they do?
Sugarbeat Gary

How come the shops are closed all day
and eyes of children have turned starry?
For what's this woman about to pray?
Sugarbeat Gary

He will freeze me with his glance
Take my life away at once
Though I do not stand a chance
I will fight him till my last toenail is smashed
And all my blood paints rivers scarlet

Never seen him performing live
Never attended his safari
Just wished that he'd never arrive
Sugarbeat Gary

Well now my life belongs to him
And my sweet girlfriend he will marry
My vision's starting to get dim
Sugarbeat Gary
Track Name: Animals
Gets out of bed
Scratches the top of his head
Moves to the shed
Carries two pencils of red

Been drawing this plan since he became a man
Society is no fun
He's almost done

He'll stuff his shed with animals
They'll teach him how to fly and crawl
He'll live the life of animals
About humans he'll bother no more

Goes to the wood
He's certainly no Robin Hood
Spots a wild fox
And rushes behind the rocks

Used to cause him pain but no, never again
The fact they thought he's insane
Now he's just waiting for rain
Track Name: A Woman Named Corina
Mystic wings of lightness start to paralyse my senses
I'm a sucker for defences but it seems that I can't find now
Time we speak, we meet
I have this feeling she'll mistake me for her friend again
She cares for her
I wish that I could help

But I'd like to tell my story
Yeah I'd like to tell my story
I'd sure love to tell my story now

A woman named Corina's got me going like a dreamer
Might it be her reputation? Could it be her occupation?
Oh, a woman named Corina's got me going like a dreamer
Should I carry on or should I just wake up?

She attends those classes
Maybe she could sometime make a modest logo for my band
Oh God, it's getting out of
In hand, this is exactly how I long to get with her
And body next to body
I would make her feel so sweetly trapped, she'd never go
Track Name: Time
When I sit back and rearrange my life, all plans get hopeless
Some things will surely have to change
Well, but I couldn't care less
I thought that time's a friend of mine
But it goes away

Too bad that summer came once more to find me rather lonely
My dreams, all poisoned by TV
Oh baby, won't you call me?
I thought that you're a friend of mine
But you're gone away

But I don't care (about time)
As long as I'm there (in time)
As long as I'm getting there

We should go out and have some fun while we are still the young ones
Ex-lovers marry, I'm still the same
I wonder, who are the sad ones?
I thought that time is on my side
But it's flown away
Track Name: The Light
A never-hotter sun is burning your back
You know you
Are the center of an interesting pack
You wanted to
Leave your people in the middle of the night
For the light

I've heard rumours that you don't talk at all
I hope that
When I am around you, I'll find no wall
You need someone
To grab you and take you tonight
To the light

Yes I know it's funny but it's true
I just want the same thing that you do
But if you're busy sleeping or fucking and tripping high
Stop worrying now

I'm sending you light years away
You know you
Will have no choice but to stay
You wanted to

You want it, you got it
You're lost in the light
You're afraid but you love it
This is the light
Track Name: 221
You don't interest me
Even if you're not some joke
I'm much better off alone

You can't impress me
When your underwear's your skin
You just state where I've once been

I know it's gonna be hard
And maybe you'll think I'm somehow retarded
But you can't even begin to understand
And I know it's really my problem
So forget we happened
It's over
You won't bring it back

Oooh, what a body!
But your face I cannot stand
Plus you don't respect my band

Try to forgive me
For tomorrow I'll be smoke
How I wish you were a joke


Thank you for all those sleepless nights
Track Name: Me And Bobby Gillespie
Bobby Gillespie took me to heaven
He carried me high
Offered me brandy
Played then a TV game

Showed me his marvelous record collection
Put on some acid
And we danced, and we danced
Me and Bobby

I stopped first and I asked
Why do you act like that
Oh Bobby
You're much more than the Stones
But you lack some key bones
Oh Bobby
If you feel you're a king
You've just ruined everything
Oh Bobby

Bobby Gillespie poured me hot chocolate
While we were sipping
A 60s background
One of his favourite tunes

We got undressed and ready for swimming
Across the 70s
Across the goth scene
Towards the future
Me & Bobby

I'm so tired that I'll quit
And I really mean it
Oh Bobby
Maybe I'm far from middle-aged
But see how I've greatly changed
Oh Bobby
He said "end of rebirth"
Time to go back to Earth
Oh Bobby

Bobby Gillespie, don't leave, I love you
I really love you
And we danced, and we danced...
Track Name: Mine
Put on that dress
Let me confess
My life's a mess now
Thanks to you, I guess

More than a year
Not half a tear
I'll drown in beer now
Until you get back here

You could be mine

Our six-can pack
Our tragic luck
Our non-stop fuck, now
It's about time we saw the crack

No fine fresh chord
No faith restored
All blurred and bored now
So what's next? Oh my Lord...


This song's for you
Yeah, this song too!
In case you're blue now
Think this chorus will do