Buy Me A Ticket

by Poirot

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released November 12, 2015

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: A House In Mexico
Things to believe in are hard to find
But I've always had a dream that warmed my mind
Let me tell you - I'll tell you
About my secret future paradise
I'm prepared to take off whatever the price
Start a new life - I want to buy a house in Mexico

I sometimes feel I should just settle down
Forget about my plans and become that clown you all want me to
But this song goes out to the world's bellybutton
I'll soon be coming home with my cat-feather hat on
Receive me - I wanna buy a house in Mexico

Maybe I will hate the weather
But I'm sure I'll stay forever
In the house I'll build with heart and soul
Don't you know - in Mexico

Don't you wear now that face
You don't care and it shows
I'm not even in the first seven things that occupy your sweet mind
I'll go down to a place
That nobody knows
Just to find those special moments of peace and leave all issues behind
Down in Mexico
Track Name: Enough=Dead
When I start, baby, I just can't stop
My life story, you know it so well - I'll
drink the whole damn place until I drop
In the morning there's nothing to tell

There is nothing left to cause me fear
Scars as souvenirs of where I fell - I'd
cry for your help if I knew you'd hear
But you're too busy breaking my spell

You tell me enough
But it's never enough in my hell...
Track Name: Careless Girls
You live your life on Mars
You travel round the stars
You don't realize when it's over
Blame your quiet heart

And you'll be losing sleep
Yeah you'll be losing sleep
Your mind always stuck on a good time
Now you're in too deep

You remind me of those careless girls

Tomorrow makes you laugh
And yet you don't know half
Of what's gonna give you a bad head
I haven't said enough

I hear you on the phone
Available for loan
I see you make love with strangers
Then miss them when they're gone

My funny valentine
It's funny how you shine
On any given occasion
Through rust & mist & crime

And I've been losing sleep
I've been losing sleep
My mind always stuck between your legs
Now I'm in too deep
Track Name: Bird On A Tree
i'll try to be more like me
i always get older in time
d'ya like wot u see?
slide inside me

coz a bird on a tree
can sing while he's lovin'
& way past yr bedtime he'll fly

he looks just like me
and before u can notice
he'll trade your sleep for the sky
Track Name: Mosquito
I'm a tiny mosquito, I'm a thirsty mosquito
I just drank a litre of your blood
See me reaching the skyline, see me bursting with power
Dizzy missy, please don't be so sad

If you're sick with the extra fun
If your life always was a yes-machine formed in the shape of man
Go run
But the party has just begun
Golden stings after your sweet tongue, my darling
Don't you understand?

I'm a tiny mosquito and I wear a tuxedo
Just in case you miss me by a mile
All our guests are a bit late but don't bother, we'll no more...
Wait! The two of us will be just fine

And when I get tired of flying
You will laugh to discover who it was!

I just drank a little...
Track Name: Here In The Country
Here in the country
Nothing is new
We dance & we love
But most of all we wait

Here in the country
Air fresh & hot
Even the sun smokes pot
But mostly waits

For everything to die
And everyone to cry
"Show us what's real
'round these dusty picture shelves
and which was our crime
to spend a lifetime
all by ourselves?"

Here in the country
Nothing will change
We work & we play
But most of all we wait

Here in the country
Forests of green
The only place I've been
I sit and wait

For you to come again
And put me in the next train beside you
Save me now and make my dream come true
The turn would be sudden
But changes don't happen
Not here!
Not with you!

Here in the country
Of harmony
We sing & we drink
And while we sleep
We wait...
Track Name: Black And White
So things are black & white
It's alright
And all the love you take has been fake
It's been fake

So don't let your numb brain destroy those cells
There's always something else

Wake early
Love the day
Half the world's still wrapped in grey

So things are black & white
It's alright
And all the love you take has been fake
Get a break and...
Track Name: Drivin' Away
Drivin' away
In the memories of a nightmare/car crash
Drivin' away
Laughin' at yourself

All your friends are numb/dead
So put your head into the clouds and
See Feel Fly

But keep your head together!
Track Name: Cynical Hell
in this cynical hell
heads are replaced by wire
in the deepest of sleeps
everything is not enough
and i know it too well
satellites never harmed a soul
in this cynical hell
space filters damaged our love

if you're not protected, you're way too weird
if we can't detect you, we'll try
to buy you a ticket to out of here
so be like me or wave goodbye

in this cynical hell
nothing will ever make sense now
i will never come down
love child of odours and pain
won't you smile back at me
always believed that was easy
in this cynical hell
good weather means constant rain

and all the sleepless human bones
lost an eye or two
and if this rings a bell
you're wrong
Track Name: Reaching For A Star
i'd love to tell you what's on my mind
but there are things, you know, noone can put in words
i'd love to show you how i feel and what i can't feel
reality though's mixed with dreams
and dreams got real

i lived in a crossword wall
i studied human soul
i'd rise but could not fall, my love
i drank in every bar
then you came with your silky smile
my journey met its end
or has it just begun
here, reaching for a star

forever twenty-one, we'll both stay young
and by the end of this decade maybe we'll have our own place on the moon
please believe me, i only want to be
and i belong up in the sky
can't anyone see (that)
Track Name: Pretty Hair
Show me that you're touched
I know your heart is vivid, can't be full of stone
Tell me that you'll try
For me & you to get this night at last alone

If your heart had some compassion
And if my love was a tune
Then the angels would be singin'
And their song would reach the moon

Soulful thoughts you have been making
What's the point in feeling all this stuff?
Think of all the moments
When of our love we just couldn't get enough

Pointless words. They have no meaning
They confuse and only cause despair
I'd advise you to start dreaming
Night has come, hang down your pretty hair
Track Name: Your Dreamworld
your dreams can be purer than mine anytime
so baby what's going on tonight

you're acting like a foolish model in a stupid fake dreamworld

your fantasies are based on my lust and the moon
so baby fulfil your project soon

your skin's as white as snow and honey don't forget (you know) i breathe for you

your dreams can be purer than mine anytime
so baby what's wrong with you/us tonight
Track Name: The Best Years
hey don't you frown and give your friends a big smile
time unwraps before you now, don't let it pass you by
you fall down, that's not fair, coz baby we all care
the stars that shine so bright belong to us so

raise your head, get out of your sad bed
just hold my hand and feel how much we all love you
put behind the worries of your mind
a coloured day arrives
these are the best years of our lives

please no more lies, you fail to make us understand
the treasure's in your hand so empty your glass dry
and please try to enjoy those special moments when
we dress like clouds and fly, we'll never die so
Track Name: Somewhere In The Crowd
you believe that you are the one and all work will be done
you achieve everything at first but you're to see the worst

you want to fly with wings of steel
sensing a paradise wrapped with your tired eyes
but you can't change, you're still the same
a loser for the lot who never seemed to care about what

you desire a special place on earth, a so-outstanding birth
you want it all, you think you are unique but you're not made of brick

you're weak inside, don't try to hide
you are not different, nobody pays your rent
you drown in grief when you realize
that everytime i cast my eyes on you, i catch you freezing
somewhere in the crowd

you recall your bitter childhood years, the tears that stemmed from fears
that you still have, what you've been doing to you i guess you always knew...