Elusive By Necessity

by Poirot

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released November 13, 2015

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: Endless Celebration
And whatever you do and whatever you say
Revolution is here, it'll show you the way
I wanna live a life based on laws of nature
And whatever you do and whatever you say

I wanna know if you're comin' out to play
And I wanna know that nobody shies away
On this big day of the endless celebration
And if I may watch your helmet moon go round & round & round

I don't mind what they think, I don't care where they go
Just as long as you lot carry on with the show
I wanna be the doctor's impatient patient
I don't care what they think, I don't mind where they go

8-colour rainbows shine
Their frowns upon you
We're depending on you
Track Name: In The Name Of
i'd keep trying further in the name of love
luminous and underrated
by the latins confiscated
almost dated
glowing in the name of love

i got to run away
from that girl

winter's favourite
seldom drinking
slowly growing but quick-thinking
always blinking efforts in the name of love
disillusioned may i wake up the day our handwritings break up
she's a fake but so real in the name of love

sleeping beauty
please don't listen
what i'm tryin' to say's i'm missin' our imaginary kissing in the name of love
Track Name: Goodbye
I fell in love with a brand new morning
Lazy sun discreetly yawning
I fell so bad, it's a miracle I walk

I lost my head to a new desire
Salty lips, eyes like fire
I lost myself now I can hardly talk

It should be easy to change your mind, drop the past, leave it behind
It should be easy but all she does is cry

I guess this is goodbye

I fell in love with the queen of passion
Hoping pain is out of fashion
I fell so deep, touched the sand under the sea

I lost my heart to the way she kissed me
Humble enough to say she's missed me
I fell so hard that I can barely see

There between what is good or right she lost track, I lost my sight
Somewhere between the fairytale and the lie
Track Name: Guiding Star
I'm two months awake and these pills will not help me
I know it's a mistake but the last time you held me
A million angels shook and stirred my wisdom

I'm two months asleep but my dream never changes
It's me following you and those merciless angels
Who lead your biggest fan inside your kingdom

(Please don't take my freedom away)
Stay where you are
You could never leave
You're my guiding star

I'm just two months old, I was born with a weakness
Only through you I'll reach treasures and secrets
And promised lands I've only seen in movies
Track Name: You Don't Understand
you don't understand
you don't understand
you will never understand, my love
'cause i may be dumb
and i may be blind
but i certainly don't hide my love

i'm exposed to light
decomposed by fear
i can't wait another year, my love
but i'll never tell
no i'll never tell
that when i close my eyes, you're near my love

you don't understand

my jealousy
found some friendly ground
to grow up and have her kids, my love
so i'm askin' u
when you're in his arms
do you ever think of me, my love?

losing energy
eaten up by thoughts
writing silly songs to you, my love
but i cannot act
no i can't pretend
that i don't need a happy end, my love
Track Name: About Lust
i want your baby brother
i want your baby brother
i know he's just a kid but i
i want him in my bed

i want your baby brother
i wanna shag your brother
my friend, it ain't so right but i
i want him in my bed

and we will fuck all night
under the sheets
it always ends up right
he'll be too shy and tight
and you may watch us if you like

i want your baby brother
i want your baby brother
i know this drives you mad but he
he's born to be with me

i want your baby brother
i wanna shag your brother
he's gonna learn to love me when i
i take him by the sea

where we will fuck all night
sand on our skin
and everything will be alright
he'll still be shy and tight
and you may watch us if you like
Track Name: Downward
something about the way we are
something about the rain
just think about the flame that burns
we feel the pain
we love the pain

and i know what i'm saying
the writing's on the wall
the writing's on the wall
yeah i know what i'm saying
noone could stop our fall

i wanna see just what it's like
you'll help me let it show
we'll sleep the days inhale the nights
we won't let go
we can't let go

tons of souls there lay trapped
will they ever reach peace/rest?

something about your darkest fear
something about your dreams
i heard about a trace of hope
it wasn't true
or so it seems
Track Name: Elegance & Style
bury me with tons of iron and plastic
screw my mind so bad i never make it back again
handle with elegance and style
cruelty defines your usual behaviour
you take "mental" out of sentimental, put it back again at once
and mix with elegance and style

well you often seem like
yeah you often seem to treat me like your dolls
releasing me from pain and fear
but it always feels like
yes it always feels like climbing waterfalls
so let me fall and disappear

you used to say that jesus comes before everything
yet i have called his name in vain one thousand times tonight
oh god my life it seems so vile
i need a fix, i need a reason to get by
the heavy loads of shit i'm trying to kill with endless cigarettes
burning with elegance and style
Track Name: No Sleepers
woke at 4am
it's 7 now
i'm still in bed
i feel ugly

no calls to disturb my peace
no lager in my fridge
and no sleepers

i wish your photograph could talk to me and keep me warm
but nothing's ever new in this place

pet hates
bank rates
nothing seems important anymore
like a bad dream

life's too short to waste on making friends or making love lacking passion

i wish your photograph could talk to me and keep me warm
just like the days we used to be in love and smell the rain
and is it much to ask you to leave him and come back here?
you won't believe how much i've changed!
Track Name: December Song
1st of december and the stars were strangely kind
wonder what they had in mind
4th of december, heavy smoking drove me blind
failed to value all your sides too soon i'd find

8th of december, you disturbed my privacy
but it's you i need to see
three nights later, in my room you play your songs
and i feel, for sure, where this old heart belongs

there's a child on a cliff
there's a boy with a spliff
and no friends at all to get by
in a century of lies
you're the biggest surprise
till hello becomes a goodbye

december 20, i'm still thinking of your voice
harmonies leave me no choice
but time passes plenty and it changes everything
come and fill me, i'm the lord of every ring
Track Name: Play My Game
it's not that hard!
you've killed me once before
why don't you try again?
and i'll come back so much stronger

break my heart
in a way that it won't heal
be generous with the pain
oh i can't wait for you any longer to

play my game

i am a rock
i roll
i never break
i can see behind your eyes
so tough a situation

i come and i go
next time you tell a lie
you'll rather be surprised
to find i've switched to another station to
Track Name: Never Come Down
met you on a bright october friday
how could i know you were comin' my way
said to myself "she's looking really nice"
could i re-make it up after all those stupid lies?

knew i was eleven years older
and as the air just kept a-going colder
you introduced me to your anaemic friend
and your friend had your name and i thought "this is the end"

one dream crashed into another
and i wished i was your little brother
playin' on the floor of your little sunny room
put some music on before my heart goes boom!

my head is spinning around
looks like i'll never come down
Track Name: The Smell Of Dead Eels
i'm thinking of all the ways to tear your life apart
i'm thinking about the games you played with my heart

miss my mother
sit and pray for other ways to fill my days
in a war
but we don't know what for
could have destroyed you
but i lost my face

smell of dead eels all around
make no sound
life is death is joy is tears