Five Little Songs

by Poirot



This is the proper follow-up to The Egyptian! New songs for me and you! Thanks to everyone encouraging me to keep writing and recording. Spread the word!


released November 9, 2016

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: They're Changing Me Back
Oh I, oh I
Oh I, oh I
From birth to death I lied
Forever by your side

This is my skin
This is my skin
While flesh is fresh, come try
Your blood will tell you why

We shall walk again
Eyes dead
In a story yet untold
Track Name: Love Is A Notion
Love is a notion
A heartless commotion
A habit of failing to pay

Promising potion
You took my devotion
And used it all up in one day

Don't get ahead of yourself
It's gonna be alright

Love is a palace
And I'm helpless Alice
In false hope I'm washing my hair

Scared of the next page
Afraid to get on stage
It's cold and dystopian there

Love is a notion
A stupid emotion
I used it all up in one day
Track Name: Village On The Moon
I've been waiting for the bus
Destined for the younger us
I've been fighting for this honeymoon and June will soon be here so I'm not worried about the weather

There's no present like the time
And the timing is sublime
Jumpin' in my comfy seat, I will determine what comes next in order to win back my Heather

Leave your village on the moon
Say goodbye to blue lagoon
This piper hides a tune that can erase/rewrite the past
Fix things and then make 'em last
I'm sorry to disturb you but I'm feeling optimistic and refreshed

If the plan is to go west
I believe you pass the test
I protest though 'cause I'm just a normal guy enjoying revenge and other perks of human nature

I've been laughing in my sleep
And my words became so deep
In my dizzy trip you're welcome to assist me in declaring if I love you or I hate you

Leave your village on the moon
Smash the doors of your saloon
I know you built this dune yet you used up your power
Girl, I'm charging by the hour
Curious and cheap
Uneasy feeling of misjudgment and mistrust
Track Name: Somebody's Leaving
Somebody's leaving, how can I cope
Somebody's waiting by the wrong side of the rope
Somebody's wishing we had never started this fight
Somebody's leaving, leaving tonight

How could I forget what I'll always treasure
In the back of my procrastinating mind
Happy to find
Raindrops never hurt my ongoing leisure
But I don't expect your rainbow now to shine
You've lost that feeling

Somebody's leaving, what can I say
Somebody's dreaming of another yesterday
Somebody's tired of pretending that it's all right
Somebody's leaving, leaving tonight
Track Name: That Train
Get on that train, she loves you
Get on that train, she needs you
Make some space in your mind

Something very strange
An adorable creature you found in the backyard
Something very blue
A prolific songwriter who's really tired of discussing
Something very dull
The equivalent of a geometric delusion
Something very bright
Like the brain of a horse grown so weary due to circumstances
Saddle up now

Get on that train, she wants you
Get on that train, she kills you
Make some space in your mind

Something very wrong
A banana split looking to hide in the oven
Something very fair
Like a Twilight Zone episode bottled up and sent to heaven
Something very rare
You've been warned naughty liver, your time is a-coming
Something very new
All the wisdom of ages so welcome to your sleepy nightmare
Buckle up now
Track Name: The Force
You felt the force
You clearly saw the signs
Unlock the doors
It's time

A friend, a foe
Or something in between
It cannot go

Taming the lions on your tongue
Moving the rivers in your eyes

You'll have another chance
Accordingly, depends on how
You'll dance

To smile at will
Whoever gains control
Fool on the hill, where is your shield
You fall

Slippery soil arrests your feet
Sending out shivers down your spine

I remember
Track Name: This Guitar
There are times I feel like I'm king
I can handle almost everything
There are mornings I wake up and sing
With a heart full of gold

Seems like someone high up above
Sends me regular buckets of love
And you'd bet so much love is enough
To keep me straight till I'm old

Some days comes this frown
On my face, freezing me
I get small and this guitar won't help me
At all

Mama told me I'm royalty
With my luck I could possibly be
Saints and sinners now packed on the tree
Where I played as a child

Teenage dreams I set out to achieve
Gave away all that I had to give
And you'd think there's a God to believe
But I let him run wild
Track Name: Tonight
It hasn't rained for fifteen years
The holy woods' "unholy" tears
Are often ridiculed by folks
Who turn their backs on all my jokes
I was no pioneer at first
But now I'm keen to quench my thirst tonight

My girls are gone, my bets got void
My demons carefully avoid
The situations where I'm in
I'm searching for my next of kin
All this is past, my moves are fast tonight


I'm gonna change my luck tonight
I'm gonna wear my crown tonight
I'm gonna catch a wave tonight
I'm gonna thank nobody tonight
Track Name: My Favourite Things
My house in space
The stars, the cats
Good food, great films
My friends, her looks
Strange chords, nice weed
Guitars and bass
Beach boys, glad girls
My phone, the sun
Full moons, soft beds
The road, the sea
Dear mama thank
You for my brain
The night, the gigs
My loyal fans
My luck, your love

Can't you see I'm happy
I don't wanna change a thing
Look at me, I'm happy!

My football club
Those tennis balls
The cheese, the jam
Old autographs
The memories
Will it end soon
I'm special but
I'll never know
I haven't cried
In many years
'Cause you and me
Are nothing much
So let's hold hands
And keep the ugliness outside
Track Name: If She Fucked Me
I could be the safe in a fancy bank
I could be behind the most clever prank
i could be the gold hidden under the sea
I could beat Goliath if she fucked me

I could be the nail in her comfort zone
I could be her fears when she's all alone
I could be her coffee, I could be her tea
I could live forever if she fucked me

I could be the coolest kid in the park
I could be the shadow when it gets dark
I could be the treasure she can have for free
I could handle daylight if she fucked me
Track Name: Skin Prison (Sophia's Song)
Winter arrived in disguise and
Nestled in your hazy eyes and
Winter means so much to me and
These eyes of yours now help me see

Forests with green beauty packed
Feelings I previously lacked
Show me a reason to be
Freezing skin, imprison me

Three months have passed, not a word
You'll soon fly away like a bird
Ice keeps me warm but this spring
Will melt it all with its sting

Track Name: Replaced
I'm not ready to leave here
Do you think you can
Replace me with no risk of
Shit hitting your fan
I just need some affection
And a circle of friends

Don't you try to revive me
When I'm still alive
Come meet me you know where
For drinks today at five
I just want to be near you
And make amends

I am a friendly shark
But if you scratch under my skin
I'll leave a nasty mark
I am the brightest spark
And you could use me as a torch
When you're out in the dark

Would I make it without you
In a brand new life
Of course I would
In the good company of my knife
I just need some protection
And an elegant joint

I'm withdrawing my suitcase
'Cause I lost my key
One thousand rainy nights
Would love to follow me
They will soon reconsider
There's no bloody point
Track Name: The Drunk Cabaret
Cheap perfume in the air
Strange faces everywhere
Accept my challenge
Truth or dare
In the drunk cabaret

Matilda sings the blues
Old Buster plays to lose
You need to put on your dancing shoes
Join the drunk cabaret

Nothing's forbidden here
All the regulars know no fear
Just close your eyes
Forget your size

Get back to bein' alive
In to thrive
All 9 to 5 plans get erased in the drunk cabaret

I'm glad we had this talk
Now take Elvis for a small walk
Long overdue
You'll find your cue
On 3rd knock!

Make sure it makes your list
Hear how I do insist
This is an offer you can't resist
It's the drunk cabaret
Track Name: Celestial City
You knew all about life
'Cause you'd figured it out
Precious trusted companion
I was so damn proud

So you didn't say n o
You went and said y e s
Always had to smell the flowers
In your medieval dress

But I never lost faith at hard times
Deep inside I felt safe but sometimes
All I needed was a place to shine

They would never understand
Why I had to be blind
Casual talks about the weather
Playing dumb all the time

I forgot how to speak
Got wrapped in your voice
Turned a secondhand emotion
Into a second best choice

We were taken by the night, good times
Wishin' I could make it right for old times
All I needed was a place
Some celestial city to shine

Can you hear the angels sing?
It's a universal thing
I just wanna hear them sing
Oh I wouldn't change a thing

Can you hear them sing?
Can you hear me sing?
All I needed was a place
Some celestial city to shine