In Stride

by Poirot

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released November 14, 2015

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: Tell Me Your Name
Went to the local disco down wichita street
Never much of a dancer I couldn't compete
A sudden heat, a missed heartbeat
That's when you came

Felt like a life of darkness saw finally the light
If I could only hold you, I'd love you all night
My sweet delight, the moment's right
Tell me your name

Oh I can't even spell it
But I'll sing for you anyway
I'll just leave my soul naked
Though there's always a price to pay, yeah
The future's yours
Some unknown force on the wheel...

I'd need at least nine senses to enjoy you whole
And if I had nine spare lives, I'd give you them all
You're good football
You're rock 'n' roll
Tell me your name
Track Name: Rejected
Your affected companion took a trip to the canyon, I don't think he's coming back here
My neglected desire has returned with a fire oddly strong for this time of year
Our rejected tomorrow, fluffy promise of sorrow guaranteed to covet you, dear
Yesterday or tomorrow...

The road is long
Never betray yourself

I have to go to the newsstand, got a date with Ms.Houston! Maybe if I buy her a drink
I will find myself honoured in a lap full of comfort, in an antique attic of pink
Oh the past of that lady makes my life look so shady, I can hardly focus or think
Gave me up for a lady...
Track Name: Sharp As A Razor
say you'll keep rockin' in the modern way of automobile
say you'll keep talkin' in a modern manner keepin' me thrilled
say you'll keep walkin' and no matter what don't let 'em begin binding you down

sharp as a razor stay no matter what...

a dragonfly is painting a hole in the sky

the country sky makes sure we will not ever die
Track Name: Flawless
every thing you do is magic
you think i don't know, dear
well maybe i know, dear
every step collides with logic
you think i don't know, dear
well maybe i know, dear

but i'm full of funny questions
that you cannot answer
and how could you answer?
it would take you a thousand sessions
and still you'd not answer
but be sure i know, dear

so let me tell you an interesting story

i die each day that we're not together
but i'll choose to stay forever and ever
i'm telling you i...

and i never took you dancing
you think i don't know, dear
well maybe i know, dear
plus i'm constantly romancing
you think i don't know, dear
well maybe i know, dear

that you never wanted my love
my "different faces in different sizes"
but we always made an ace team
i'd take all the credit to give you all prizes

and even though i'm better off without you...

if i'd never met you, Flawless
a storm would have followed
so happy and frozen
and despite my ego weighing more
i'd smoothly be carried
away with the blank flow

but some weekend sea reminds me
in order to sail ship
you need some good teamwork
so i'm happy to repeat myself
You and me: the best team

so let me...
Track Name: On With L'Amour (Fruitsong)
On with l'amour
On with l'amour
Not possible to escape
On with l'amour
On with l'amour
Always comes with a new shape

You feel it's wrong
But your nights become long
So don't hesitate like before
Better get on with l'amour

On with l'amour
On with l'amour
You will be faithful this time
On with l'amour
On with l'amour
Beautiful girl in her prime

In the suburbs of joy
Will she honour this boy?
It's still up to you, knock her door
Better get on with l'amour

Memories gone bad
Happy and sad
Never to know which is which

I'll miss your smile
Track Name: New Year
Well dressed people buy gifts for other people smiling through the day they spend and wait in peace for the new year

Happy lovin' couples plan their visits to some long-forgotten places hoping all will change in the new year

Takes a fool to play it cool
Break the rule if life can be so cruel

Hesitation of our peers and youth's naivete unite and form a blinding light in time for the new year

Peppermints and innocence and evil thoughts and shots of dodgy liquor fill the breeziness of the new year
Track Name: Time (A Song For Groovy)
Time will defend you when it's time to speak
Time will befriend you, noone is unique

Out there's a rumour
She'd like to try
Time has no humour
Little girl must cry

Time will protect you from your inner fight
Time won't neglect you in your darkest night

She's looking for you
She wants to share
When time rewards you
Will she still be there?
Track Name: King Sun
rise and shine and warm the beach now
let your children feel your heat now
ancient king, come on Sunny
glow, your glory can't be reached now

wrinkled lady, stand up naked
jump and laugh but please don't fake it
roll with joy, come on granny
i may taste you if you shake it
Track Name: Anne (Your Skin)
Well you know, helping you cook was brilliant fun
Hiding our faces from the sun
Off-balance but high all the time
And I know it won't be easy to pretend
Like books and films we'll get our end
Of story
With nothing to mend warned (sure) that I will always wear your skin

Well you feel you cannot handle this for more
But then you leave an open door
You're so weak your second thoughts win!
But I feel that everything I say or do just takes me worlds away from you
(are) So special
What a shame we're through

I think
I'm in control, I'm on my feet, I'm strong
Don't come and show me that I'm wrong

Well you know, being with you was brilliant fun
Hiding our faces from the sun
Off-balance but high all the time
Track Name: I Blush
i can't inspire security
i don't obey to gravity

i know the feel of made-up minds
they make me go for two more pints

i blush
when was the last time you called?
it seems i lost you somewhere

if there's a heaven, let me in
i'll buy you all whiskey and gin
it leaves me blind to follow scripts
i spread with dry and bleeding lips

i've been through worse goodbyes, i know
i'm not the same man anymore
all of a sudden i'm a drag
god tell me if i'll have her back
Track Name: Hide This Feeling
you and i
know the facts
can i confirm the final version now?

she's not yours
never was
it's crystal clear and you should know by now

you breathe gas
all along
has it occurred to you we're people too?

she just wants
to be with me
so don't hurt the lady if you're blue

hide it again
you'd better hide this feeling

it's not hard
it's in your hands
instead of being jealous, understand

you and she
had no chance
so if you ever fancy her in trance

you'd better...
Track Name: Seven
wear your whitest dress
for 7 years and 7 days i'm waiting

wear you biggest smile
for 7 years and 7 days i'm waiting

wear your love like rain
for 7 years and 7 days i'm waiting

i'm waiting for cloudy skies
it really seems (it may be sick but) i'll settle here
waiting just for your eyes
my cheapest dreams will come out clear
Track Name: You're The One
hey, i don't mind the wait
and i mostly tend to hesitate
but when you laughed at me
it was clear that you're the one

you see i don't like wine
drinking from your glass though felt just fine
and when you asked for a fag
i just knew that you're the one

i need someone to believe in
someone to make a difference in my life
i need love at first sight
and a slight bit more than this
yes i'm so naive, i'd die for one small kiss

so will you call me back?
'cause if you don't plan to, i think i'll crack
and i'll knock at your door all night
to assure you you're the one

i used to feel so bored
and all those "babe, I want you" s bored me more
but when you laughed at me
it was clear that you're the one
when you laughed at me
i just knew that you're the one
so will you laugh at me once again
to assure me you're the one?

Track Name: I Know
it really makes no difference
that you have chosen someone else
instead of picking me
oh i know

you shouldn't bother, shouldn't fear
i'm no more mixing tears with beer
and i'm no longer scared
coz i know

yeah i know your deepest feelings
and i know your hidden meanings
and i know the things that you've been thinking of
yeah i know your secret treasure
and i know your passion measure
and i know who you love

and i am showing no respect
for those who constantly object
and critical they are
oh i know

and i am wasting no more time
on reading tips of my star sign
coz you're my precious star
oh i know

the sun has gone, the moon is high
i'm all alone, my brain cells die
there's knowledge in my heart
oh i know

wherever you go, whatever you do
it won't take very long and you
'll come back and we'll restart
oh i know