The Fred Astaire Of Words

by Poirot

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released November 10, 2015

Everything written and performed at home by George Dimopoulos



all rights reserved


Poirot Athens, Greece

I'm George Dimopoulos. I'm based in Athens, Greece. I play some instruments and sing the songs I write. My first band was Pillow. Then The Liarbirds followed. Today I'm Poirot. Now go listen to my beautiful songs!

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Track Name: A Big Issue
read all about it
a big issue

i hoped you'd stay
oh and if you just did
you'd have it your own way
when is the day
we'd walk
under rain grey, feeling empty?..
Track Name: Away
i'm with you
but i'm missing you
holding back
goin' away

you're a star
i'm an elephant
we don't try
goin' away

precious cat
underrated rat
keep your dreams
goin' away

and if luck calls
tell her i'm asleep
born again
just...goin' away

(gone) away
Track Name: Hello Grass Grave
you drank my milk

you kissed my girl

you stole my best tune

and i want you to pay
and i'll have you someday
but i still got one thing left to say

won't rest before
i get my revenge
my blood is cold yellow
salty lips, come home
Track Name: Holding On
holding on
despite the loss
in my own life
i'll be the boss

i'll suffer some
i'll sometimes run
but i believe
i'll get things done

holding on
love you
holding on
love you

holding on a ghost that won't leave here
close my eyes you still won't disappear, get away
holding on

holding on
forever breathe
it doesn't matter
who i'm with

the smiles are real
the sun is mine
i'll meet you in
the end of time

holding on
love you
holding on
love you

holding on a future halfway spent
close the door behind, my knees i bend and i pray
holding on
Track Name: Paint Your Innocence (Soliloquy)
You're almost 23
With not much left to see
Or please the child in you

It's OK
It didn't mean a thing
You think you've lost everything
But she still loves you

She'll make your day
Don't make her go away
For heaven's sake
Do not break

She might be second best
But where are all the rest?
Why don't they call you up?

Wake up and act at once
This may as well be your last chance
You shouldn't crack

No need to pray
You're safe and on your way
Raze down the fence
And paint your innocence

Make friends with time
The future's not behind
But for heaven's sake
Just don't break
Track Name: The Weight (Spirits Unsettled)
feel the weight inside
take the weight with pride

raging armies of spirits blue unsettled will find peace tonight
hopeless dummies in need of a guiding light will run home tonight
hopeless dummies in need of a light will run home

if you keep your eyes open
you might meet a better god tonight
you might meet a just god tonight

and if you close your eyes firmly
you might meet a caring god tonight
hopeless dummies in need of a leader will run home
Track Name: Stay With Us
Are you comin' to our house tonight? Everybody is invited. We're gonna have a party
Grooving under the flashing black light, you will come to realize that something good started
It's a night to remember, I'm telling you, you'd never wanna miss it, c'mon, we're just waiting for you

When the DJ can see no more straight, we will bring on the guitars and then we'll go playing
Let the rock'n'roll band do their thing and they'll help you get a life, I know what I'm saying
Take your cameras with you! You wouldn't wanna miss a tune, I'm honest. So hurry, we're waitin' 4 U

Stay with us
Stay with us tonight
Why don't you stay with us
And everything will be alright
1-way tickets right in your face
to brilliant-pop heaven
But can a liarbird tell the truth?

Tell your friends every day without loving us is wasted, it is like a year with no summer
If a smile doesn't crack on their faces, we will give their money back and punish the drummer
Let me know what you're waiting for, wake up and save your souls, you don't need money, sing with us, we're playing for you

Join the cult of The LBs, you'll never ever leave, don't hesitate, there's plenty of room
And we promise to try and get bigger than The Beatles, we'll meet at the gig on the moon
I know nothing makes sense anymore, so at least keep buying our music, our darlings, we're counting on you.
Track Name: A Conceptual Life
you are so amazed
people's deafness
all mixed up

the stars will appear
falling on your roof

all feelings are clear
you won't need more proof

you live a conceptual life
live a conceptual life
give and eventually you'll shine

you're free in a colourful life
drink from your colourful life
or if that's so hard, keep trying

don't cry in your sleep
frozen angels
all grown up
Track Name: I Wanna Make A New Start In Cleveland, Ohio
driven by anger got nothing to lose now
dreams on a bad turn some serious bruise
time to go
everything sour i'm leaving my hometown
no looking back keep my eyes on the road
'cause i know

i wanna make a new start in cleveland ohio
find a sweet woman who nothing i'll hide from

anything goes now denying perfection
intimate glimpses of sheer recollection
i'll go
noone around here trying to stop me
have to make sure that they'll know where to drop me
Track Name: Eyes, Not Eggs
cat-like walk, pillow talk
a recently retired angel
i'm still lying on a remote beach
thinking of delicious colours

you carve our names on that grey rock
your smile reflects a flash of danger
who the hell cares if i'm rich
i've got you while they've got dollars

but it's quite known around here
too complicated, still so mere
when a man is sad and begs
you must look for eyes, not eggs

is it so easy for you to blush
sometimes you can drive me crazy
how d'you say i didn't hear your plea
were you really there, girl?

who said that we ought to rush
watch your speed now don't turn hazy
oh but every time i wish we got free
you just whisper "let me swirl"

purple oceans fill your mind
oh i've been so unkind
Track Name: Writer's Block
the story continues

and so it goes

writer's block

I'm fed up with my mind

I'm fed up with your kind
Track Name: Bad Servant
It is time for bad 7
Track Name: Too Late
give all my posters back
i don't wanna know
what will happen if i let it flow

don't ever call again
and don't stop to see
if i still am all i used to be

and please understand it's late

oh oh oh oh please
don't try to drag me back
don't try to wear me down
it's too late to mend what's been smashed
oh oh oh oh

don't analyse your love
it ain't gonna work
it's not your fault babe maybe i'm a jerk

stop leaving messages
you just make things worse
tattva can't sing but at least she purrs

so please hug your cat instead...
Track Name: Lips And Knives
about the strangest creature ever born and come into my life i'm gonna tell you
she's not like anything you know
a he-girl who's got eyes like fire becomes a bad desire for me and well you
you'll wish that it was time to go

whenever she begins to play
this nasty game in her nasty way
you come to realize how sweat arrives
(you don't know what to say)
and when you dare ask 'what's it called?'
she wears a smile so mean and bold
and easily she answers Lips And Knives

the smell of blood is constantly on her skin and hair and jeans, the maddest hobby
and oh dear god you watch it grow
she kind of always kids around, she don't mind if your name is jack or bobby
no matter what, it's gonna show
Track Name: Where Flowers Gently Play
we're gonna fly much higher than the rest would ever try
we're gonna fly as colours of the sky will pass us by
we're gonna fly not caring for some poor man's desperate sigh
we're gonna fly

we're gonna fly away
we're gonna fly away
till we reach the place where flowers gently play

we're gonna lie inside the heart of mother butterfly
we're gonna cry like orphans praying to heavens asking why
we're gonna die but only when we kiss the maker's eye
we're gonna fly

when will the earth get in touch with the sun?
when will your eyes show it's time we stopped crying?
how long will it take for nirvana to come?
just feel the beat of the drum...
Track Name: White Pillow
start with the usual journey and split it for me
tuna fish can you do so and rescue me

waiting inside i'm just aching inside breaking inside
'cause i know my day will soon turn dark and blue
three men of wisdom the glory of your entrance
avoiding the spaceship for a long calm sleep
down underneath your white pillow

analyse temples often we'll lose our shapes
give away kingdoms just for a fresh bunch of grapes